My obligatory initial post

After lurking on the blogging sidelines for several years (I’d categorize myself as a careful adopter), I’ve decided to take the plunge and start my own blog.  If I had a nickle for every time I said “I’d like to publish this idea/thought/tutorial/rant” I’d  have retired a wealthy man years ago.

This blog will hopefully carry my thoughts about topics and domains I come in contact with: computer science, software, music, classical cryptography, politics, religion, and more.

The blog name, Jerusalem Mosaics, is a composite of my home city and my first name (Moshe in Hebrew, Moses in English).  It will certainly be a mosaic, i.e., a design consisting of small pieces.  This blog is not about one, single subject.  Rather, I hope to write about numerous diverse, eclectic, and interesting topics.

I sincerely hope to avoid the first hurdle of any blog: writing on a continuous basis.  With this new outlet for my literary masterpieces, I’m resolved to get over this hurdle.

Let the blogging begin!

2 Responses to My obligatory initial post

  1. Hi Moshe,

    Good luck with the weblog! Don’t feel obliged to write a post every so many days. As I noticed myself, you don’t need to overcome the famous writers block. Interesting things will automatically keep on falling in your lap, and before you know it, you will have too little time to do it all. But above all, don’t give up. A blog grows and takes time.

    • mosherubin says:

      Hi Dirk,

      First, thank you for being my first commenter!

      Second, the method I’ve been using recently is that, when I come across anything of interest for the blog, I send myself an e-mail with a subject “Blog: …”. I’m amazed how many items of interest I come across. The number of e-mails already sitting in my blog mailbox is overwhelming.

      I thank you for your wise advise of not feeling pressured to post exactly every X days, come what may. From a seasoned blogger like yourself I know piece of advise this will save me a lot of unnecessary self-pressure!


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